I have created this website for teachers, parents, and their children--also for anyone who loves to write and is young at heart!


Visit my page of poetry and my inspirational children's book BAGGY DUCK OF RAINBOW'S END that has been presented all over the San Diego Unified School District. I have just returned from teaching first grade on a Navajo Reservation in New Mexico!  I had so much fun teaching reading and writing to my students! 

Teachers are you looking for a way to inspire your students to write?


Contact me for 45 min interactive presentations of the writing of  THE BAGGY DUCK.  Each presentation will include showing how the book was made from beginning to end. Each will feature a different aspect of the writing process. It is guaranteed to captivate children K-3rd grade.



Book your visit right away and receive a FREE autographed book for your library!



Autographed books will be available for students to  purchase. Reserve your space now before all the available spaces are filled. 








  Contact me at divyamaureen@gmail.com

      or call directly 858 527-9117 to book your visit.