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I'm so excited to present my new book The Golden Privateers in Treasure of Bay Island.  It was taken from a screenplay I wrote called the 'The World Is My Home.' I combined it with the characters from Golden Privateers in the Pumpkin Sail (book 1) and viola the second in the series was born. 

Both are written for 2 - 4th grade. Mystery suspense, and fun along with a magic rabbit Malone, and their mascot Jackson, explore the end of hunger on the planet and saving the environment . 

Join The Golden Privateers. Create a group at your own school making a difference in the world around you. What can you do? 

We are the dreamers
We are the ones who believe in our own intuition.

We pass information and ideas to future generations.

We believe in love and adventure.

We make old ideas into new.

We transform the world around us.

We see what needs to be done.

I am available for library and class room presentations on the writing process. Please contact me at

Thank you so much for your continued support over the years.

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